Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marina Inn

Architecture has always been a favorite subject. Studying a building for optimum light and composition is like stealing. The architect has done the hard work, you just have to make him look better. If you can put water in front of a building with lights even better, your half way to the goal. I’ve firehosed or waterhosed parking areas for that purpose. Lakes, ponds or fountains are always welcome, they give a base with the reflection, and produce an aesthetic, that other framing just doesn’t accomplish. You can opt for a mirror finish or like this with a little texture. If you're on a boat, jump up your ISO to increase your shutter speed. Not bad for a grab shot. 1/20@f5.6 Timing of course critical.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feathery waterfall

I’m often asked, how do they get those waterfalls to look “feathery”? Well this example was simply shot in low light requiring a longer shutter speed.... Thus producing some “feathering”. But I further increased the desired effect by adding a neutral density filter, a polarizer can also be used, to further lengthen the shutter speed. Of course a tripod or suitable rock was required, to eliminate camera shake. The iso was also set to a low 100, and fstop was 22, final shutter was 1/10 of a sec.. Interestingly just 10 ft from this cool fall the Alaskan skeeters were thick and big, thankfully it was a short hike back to the car.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Skywheel Myrtle Beach

For those who've not had a chance to see the new Skywheel at night, here's a couple variations. Using a slow shutter speed on a moving object, especially colored and lighted, yields unlimited possibilities. These ranged from 1/30 to 10 secs.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another of the almost 100 setups on that day! Using cross light shows the detail of the wood work. Natural light from a window just to the left provided the fill. Framing courtesy of the architect. www.mikesphotostop.com


I've been in some beautiful spaces......this one was particularly lavish. Shot for the trim and mould, it was awash in natural light, but the falloff or contrast was extreme. With 4 speed lights, one in dining area, one behind staircase , one behind main chandelier and one at camera, was able to balance all light sources..... and with all the rhythm, and careful selection of point of view, it was one of my favourite from the shoot.