Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lauderdale Bay

Lauderdale Bay
Originally uploaded by Michael Slear
Photography is often improvisation, utilizing your tools or what's available around you. A recent shoot returned me to my favorite subject....architecture! Original career path was architecture so I have a love of design and function. Early work here at Brandon was for the local builders and architects and the hotels gave me lots of practice. Every building has its best time of day to be photographed, and if its lit at night by the designer, then all the better. Easy pickins and with minor tweaking, a building, like a face can be enhanced to look its best. Here a portable light thru the back of the guard shack to light the glass block and at this time of year a window of only 10 minutes at twilight to balance the ambient and available, along with car headlights to accent the shrubs and gate, should make the client a happy camper.

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