Monday, February 28, 2011


As I've noted previously, night shots look best at twilight. And the window of opportunity for balance of twilight and artificial light can sometimes be just 15 minutes. HDR (high dynamic range) has changed that scenario, in that now you have the contrast control to expand or contract your highlight to shadow ratio. My good friend Joe@ convinced me to update my Photomatix for even more control in such instances and It now gives you options previously unavailable. Here's a couple results that give a wide range of exposure that could not be captured in a single frame.To make this more of a challenge the hotel shot was previously done on film with a full frame camera, the new D300 is Not full frame and the vantage point required a mini panorama merge to encompass the whole property, even with a 12 mm wideangle lens. note, you can now click the image directly to enlarge!

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