Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sooner or later you’ll be photographing something reflective or shiny. If its convex or concave, it becomes even more of a challenge, as the subject will reflect its surroundings inescapably. With most things like jewelry, appliances, or even chromed motorcycles.....a white tent enveloping the subject will solve most reflections and create the illusion of shinyness and the look of polished gold, silver or chrome. This floodlight however just didn’t work in a tent as the mirror finish took on a milky white appearance that didn’t accurately record the chrome finish. After experimenting with clear plexi on white and white plexi as well as aluminum and stainless, the best choice was simply foil wrapping paper, giving the very surface needed to reflect the best attribute of the bulb. Lit simply with a softbox and umbrella, the detail of the rough surface is also accentuated. Another lucky break finding just the right background, but as I’ve alluded to before, luck is the residue of preparation and design.

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