Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dale and kayak

Dale and kayak
Originally uploaded by Michael Slear
Another shutter speed option is to leave the shutter open for longer periods and not move the camera or lens. As in this case of 1 to 4 secs at f8 on a tripod. Of course the subject needed to be still. Note the framing of the tree, and the placement of point of interest (kayak) in the right lower third. This is a typical compositional method employed by the masters from earliest of art. Imagine a tic tac toe grid and placing your item of interest at the intersections, your photos will be more pleasing to the eye. Hey if it works for Michaelangelo it’ll work for you. This was the conjunction (coming together) of Jupiter and Saturn (in the tree branches) a few years ago and appeared inside back cover of Astronomy magazine.
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Michael Slear