Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nascar speed car

Nascar speed copy
Originally uploaded by Michael Slear
OK, for your interest and information, I will be sending out a pic a week just for fun and a bit of instruction, maybe to help in your photographic endeavors. Hope you enjoy! Any thoughts or suggestions or comments, are certainly welcome.

May as well start with a most recent outing...... Thought I would attempt some action at Nascar speed park to help create the feeling of speed and glamorize those pudgy little cars. The idea was to blur the background with slow shutter speed and use a background with color to enhance the motion. You need a tripod and the technique is to pan with the subject as it passes the focal plane of the camera. Although several attempts worked I felt this one better captured the experience or at least the perceived experience. Its reminiscent of an Ernst Hass image of an F-1 car. Note the subject is in the left third of image and has some place to go and is slightly diagonal to the frame further conveying the feeling of motion. Final exposure 1/6 of a second @f 22 pan and zoom employed.

Michael Slear

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