Friday, July 30, 2010

Dizzy G Cheraw

Dizzy G Cheraw
Originally uploaded by Michael Slear
In answer to the questions; the more recent 2 day challenge and the obvious follow up to my last post.......After a day of scouting 8 smalltowns in the Sandhills of S.C., A 2 day shoot was planned to include volunteer models at each location. With limited models, props and wardrobe, the challenge was to show everyday folk in an identifiable city locale. This was a favorite where the models and locale presented a more than average look at the heritage of smalltown S.C.. ......If you’re in Cheraw, be sure to stop by the Dizzy Gilespie statue, there’s plenty of history to be found at his feet.

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  1. Battling the heat, exhaustion of back to back 14 hour days, and on the site model training, Michael and Chris, did an outstanding job capturing the essence of everyday life in a small town. Each shot captured the friendships and the pride that locals have of their community, which is exactly what the client wanted.