Wednesday, September 15, 2010


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I was reading Ansel Adams, Letters and Images 1916-1984, and in a letter to his good friend Alfred Stieglitz, he wrote, “ Nothing important lately except a glimmering of wondering what it is all and life in general. Perhaps I am on the edge of making a really good photograph. I hope so. I have a growing awareness of the insufficiencies of my work, I hope it is a good sign!”.....Of course he went on to make many great photos. We all need to know our insufficiencies, and look to make choices to improve whether it be as simple as composition or in our interpersonal relationships and our interconnectivity with each other and the world. Looking though is only part of the process, seeing allows you to grow. When you look you label, analyze, and choose. When you see, you become part of the experience. Go beyond your insufficiencies and grow, like Adams. This image is just entertaining and I always enjoy seeing it.

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