Thursday, September 23, 2010

River golf

River golf
Originally uploaded by Michael Slear
The new command controlled strobes give you the versatility of using flash more easily outdoors to help fill in shadows or augment sunlight or create your own light. They are not light activated as most remote flashes are and they are light, portable and multiple units can be controlled from the camera. They give imagers a whole new bag of tricks. I used 3 in these pics, one main, one fill and one accent. In addition used a faster than normal shutter speed to darken the ambient light. The Nikon D200 allows up to 4000th of a second and still have shutter sync!!

Uploaded by Michael Slear on 23 Sep 10, 4.36PM EDT.

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  1. One of my more favorite shots. Edgy but not fraying to far from your style.