Monday, May 7, 2012

    Here's a pic that includes a little of everything from past posts.  This shoot combines a lot of ideas shared from this last year. Planning and prep can only get you so far.  As I‘ve mentioned, a little luck is just part of the equation!. Establishing a point of view is 1st priority.... Choosing the elements you wish to frame up. 2nd you must begin to arrange those elements into a pleasing composition.....remember the rule of thirds, placing centers of interest at the imaginary intersection of a tic tac toe sign.  3rd lighting is dictated or chosen or combined to flatter and shape the main subjects, and accent surrounding’s. Exposure is a balance of shutter speed and aperature depending on selection of depth of field or motion enhancement. Use a tripod if the length of exposure is longer than a 125th of a second. Luckily the models showed just in time. We wet the pavement and turned on the lights. There’s a shoot thru umbrella with speed light behind pillar to the left, a speed light on pavement behind car directed at the doors and rim lighting the models, a diffused speed light behind pillar on right to light car and ceiling, and one on camera for general illumination, all set for f8 on camera and shutter speed to accommodate available tungsten lights. All in that 10 to 15 minute twilight time that is the sky to rear.  The rhythm of the rafters adds to what I like to think is a successful image. Enjoy!

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